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Since the age of two, Linda Richichi has painted. She 

received her first commission for a portrait at sixteen.

In 1989 she left a successful career in makeup artistry 

to paint portraits full time.  Ten years later she fell in love with 

plein air landscape painting and has been painting the land ever since.

    Hospitals collect her work because of their healing, uplifting

quality.  At the Canadian Niagara Falls in 2006 Richichi won Best of Show at a World Wide Paint Out.


    Recently she moved to Sarasota, FL from the Hudson Valley in New York.

She paints full time and teaches plein air workshops to artists.  Her creativity workshops are for those who believe they are not artistic and desire to have a happier life. The next creativity and painting workshop is on a Cruise to Mexico in February 2016.  She will again conduct painting workshops this summer in Italy. Click here for more info.  


    Linda is happy to share with you some secrets that artists use to create a convincing painting. Even if you are a collector, you can increase your knowledge when acquiring art. 

See how professional artists create depth in a painting.  Click here to receive this lesson for free.​​

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