Artistic Escapades

Join Vicki Chelf and Linda Richichi as we venture around Sarasota and Florida. Fun and informative day experiences in 2019 for both artists and “non”artists.

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Sketch or Paint

Mineral Springs, Northport, FL

April 16, 2019

10am - 4pm

Loosen up, access your inner child, while learning to sketch or paint figures or the landscape in a creative way. Increase your confidence while on this fun outing.

The Huffington Post included the warm mineral springs on its list of the world’s nine top natural spas. Bring a bathing suit, too.

FEE: $127

(plus $15-20 for entrance to park on the date of entry)

Call Linda 845.527.1146


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Intuitive Drawing

Watch for news about the next workshop in Sarasota.

Do you think of yourself as a creative person? Everyone is.

In a very spiritual setting, learn to access your creativity through intuitive drawings that are very insightful and inspiring. Receive a soul portrait from Linda or Vicki as a gift when you join in.

Anyone can do this and everyone will learn about themselves. Have you ever made a decision that didn’t work out? What if you had access to your inner guidance? Would this be helpful? You can learn to develop the skill of tuning in and hearing, seeing or just knowing what your inner guide has to offer you. Enjoy the workshop for the day or stay with the group overnight.

FEE: $150 per person (Optional overnight stay additional).

Coming soon a new one day event.


Soul Vision

Sarasota, FL

March 27 & 28, 2019

6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

What is a soul vision? It is an opportunity for self discovery, a process using art, collage (cutting and pasting images from magazines) that reveals ways for you to comfortably move beyond your comfort zones OR raise your vibration, your energy. Live a life you love. Learn to access your intuitive wisdom to help you see past fear. Gain clarity and open up to more abundance. Feel a positive shift in energy in this two day workshop. Get reacquainted with your dreams and let them come forth first on paper and then in reality. It is similar to a vision board only better and more advanced. To also receive a Soul Portrait sketch from Linda or Vicki register below. For the workshop (without the Soul Portrait) click here to register.

FEE: $127 per person