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Paint the Beach Plein Air Festival -  GULF COAST TIMES

Outside the box with artist Linda Richichi

By: Yohana de la Torre, Chief Editor

                                                                                                       Details from: Tom, Judy, Pat, Benny and Barbara By Linda Richichi

Painters from across the country will come together and dramatically catch the viewer’s eye at this year’s 7th Annual Paint the Beach En Plein Air Festival in Fort Myers Beach.

From November 7 – 13, artists will enjoy the outdoors and bring to life the light, color and textures of our beautiful landscape.  Capturing the spirit and essence of a landscape, En Plein Air painting is all about leaving the four walls of a studio and becoming one with your outside surroundings.  The style goes back for centuries and was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists.

One of the artists taking part in the Paint the Beach En Plein Air is Linda Richichi, an International award winning painter that thrives from observing nature.  Her extensive plein air work is described to have “passionate energy” and a “masterful sense of form”.  The energy is captured through her intuitive use of color after an experience with synesthesia (hearing and seeing colors “pop”).

GCT caught up with Richichi about her inspiration, synesthesia and the language of art that influences her work. 

Here’s what she had to say:

YD: How did you get started painting?

LR: “At the age of two, I remember standing at an easel my mother gave me and thought, ‘I am an artist’, I can still remember my favorite shapes to draw, and the way I used to color them.”

YD: Tell us about your inspiration.

LR: “Feeling plays a huge part in my process.  I am deeply intuitive, and allow my intuition to add energy to my painting.  One of my paintings, at last year’s paint out won because the judge told me that he kept coming back to it, the energy in the work pulled him into it.  It is the energy I feel out in nature that I try to bring to each work of art.  When I am alone, in the zone and connect to nature, then the energy can come through me.  It is like my stomach, heart and arm have a mind of their own, and I watch the brush paint without allowing my intellect to get in the way.  I capture feeling through line movement and color.”

YD: Can you explain more about the synesthesia you experience? 

LR: “An experience with synesthesia (the ability to hear colors) once drove me out of my studio in panic; I didn’t know what had just happened.  After one of my “creative days” where the objective was to paint just for me, to play, I experienced colors making sounds like musical notes.  This particular day I made a 24” x 18” painting filled with 20 squares.  I intuitively placed one favorite color next to the other and felt great as a result.  Then, I was delighted when the image of a circle appeared in the center of each colored square.  After an entire day painting this piece, I happily hung the finished work on the wall and stepped back about 8 feet to admire it.  What happened next was shocking!  The colors began to sing and “pop”.  This is called synesthesia, and although rare, is most known to happen to artists.

“The ability to work with color intuitively runs in my family.  My grandfather was a house painter most of his life until his later years, when he began to paint on canvas.  He could hand-mix a gallon of paint to match any wall’s color by simply creating a circle with his two fingers, looking through it and seeing what colors needed to be mixed together to create a match.  He passed this gift to both my mother and me.  My mother used fabric to create masterpieces that have been shown in gallery and even museum exhibitions.   While neither of them ever heard the colors sing, they could make colors perform for them beautifully.”

YD: How has this synesthesia influenced your work?

LR: “Unlike the Russian painter, Wassily Kadinsky, one of the first abstract artists, also experienced synesthesia, I was not satisfied painting in my studio any longer.  Once I heard colors, and felt them in my body, I wanted to keep my easel outdoors so that I could see and feel the most vivid colors produced by the light of the sun and the moon.   It is not the effects of light I wish to capture, as the impressionists did, but the way that light and color effect my body and disposition.  I strive to recreate the feeling of being outdoors and bring it indoors in my art.”

YD: How excited are you to take part in the Paint the Beach En Plein Air Festival?

LR: “It doesn’t matter if I am at an event like Paint the Beach En Plein Air Festival in Fort Myers or painting in a foreign country where I can’t even speak the language, when outside painting a scene, people come up, smile and watch.  There is a connection between us immediately, and I love that.  Art is a bridge between people of all backgrounds, and being a conduit for someone to feel joy, means that I did my job well that day.  En plein air festivals are a great opportunity to expose people of all ages to the process of how artists interpret what they can see.  People can watch the paintings being created and view the final results.”

– From November 7 – 13, the 7th Annual Paint the Beach En Plein Air Festival will take place in Fort Myers Beach, FL.  This competition is open to all artists over 18 years of age and will have two divisions with over $6,000 in prizes.  For tickets or more information, visit www.PainttheBeach.com.


Arboreal Exhibit with Linda Richichi and Seth Satterfield
     Two Florida artists, share their vision in an exhibit titled “Arboreal”
from September 9 – October 15, 2016 . Tiny human like creatures can be
found going about their daily business, living in metal sculptures at the
Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The tree form sculptures are
created by St. Augustine Artist Seth Satterfield.
    Satterfield is a blacksmith artist specializing in traditional forged
ironwork.  He creates inventive pieces of contemporary art as well as
authentic antique reproductions.  He trained with leading blacksmiths in
the United States and Europe, and is a member of the Artist Blacksmith
Association of North America (ABANA).  Visit   www.ironartisan.com
    Energetic tree and landscape paintings in oil and pastel are created by
nationally known artist who recently moved to Sarasota, FL, Linda Richichi.  
She is a Signature Member of the NY and International Plein Air Painters
and earned a “Best of Show” in I.P.A.P.’s Worldwide Paint-out in
Canada.  Richichi works are filled with the spiritual energy that she feels
when painting outdoors.  Linda captures the energy through her intuitive use
of color. After an experience with synesthesia (hearing and seeing colors
“pop” ) her vocabulary of color was enhanced enabling her to bring the
outdoor feelings inside.  Linda earned a B.F.A from SUNY New Paltz  and
studied under John Phillip Osborne at the Ringwood Art Institute
in N.J. as well as many other modern masters. Visit www.LindaRichichi.com

     The opening reception of  Seth Satterfield’s creatures in their natural
habitat and Linda Richichi’s boldly painted landscapes meant to stir your
emotions, begins September 9th 2016 at the opening reception from 6-8pm.

      The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach is located at

50 Executive Way, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082  (904) 280-0614  www.ccpvb.org

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Written by: Andrew Weber, Editor Fine Art Today




All About Armonk- New Resident Artist- click here


Press Release:
Far and Near Horizons
– Places of Interest Tour book 

The World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists 2013 Tour (Reception March 9, 2013)
New Century Artists
530 West 25th Street, Suite 406
New York, New York, USA

The tour has traveled around North America since starting in 2007 at the Karpeles Museum on the Hudson River in Newburgh, NY. Other stops in 2007-2009 included Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida, New York, and British Columbia, Canada. The last segment of the tour consisted of 15 international artists from the U.S., including Hawaii, as well as Canada, Brazil, Scotland and Australia.  Participating artists include signature members of International Plein Air Painters and charter members of Landscape Artists International as well as four guest artists.

​ Artists include Linda Richichi, founder of WTCLA, J.R. Baldini, founder of IPAP, Karl Eric Leitzel, founder of LAI, Christophe Cardot, Margaret Evans, D.F. Gray, Debra Grosser, Julie Houck, Georgia Mansur, Carol McCardle, Kathryn A. McMahon, Sandra Nunes, Larry Seiler, Lelija Roy, and Janice Warriner.

Each of these artists seeks to capture the beautiful and unique of their part of the world, with each piece reflecting the style and medium of the artist. There is something for every lover of fine art, from precisely rendered realism to classical and contemporary impressionism, and even boldly expressionistic work.

Both organizations recognize the validity and value of the unique creative spirit behind each member’s approach to the landscape. The newly created Far and Near Horizons Book will be available for purchase at the exhibits or online.

World Tour online: http://www.l-a-i.com/World_Tour/exhibition-schedule.html
International Plein Air Painters online: 
​Landscape Artists International online: http://www.l-a-i.com/