The Dark Night of the Soul Art is...

.... the "I need to find out what is going on inside me kind of art" created in a soul searching experience. That is the kind of art that helps you evolve.

When going through the dark night of the soul, art was my saving grace several times. I don't mean the beautiful paintings kind of art that hangs on a gallery wall. I mean the rough dark scribbles and cut out pieces of paper showing imagery from magazines that represents the inner thoughts and beliefs we have. This basic, anyone can do kind this kind of scribbling and coloring to find out what to do to be happy on a daily basis, no matter what.

 Learn to decipher your scribbles, a way your own soul can teach you. Don't you doodle? You are missing the point if you can't understand them.

Learn to decipher your scribbles, a way your own soul can teach you. Don't you doodle? You are missing the point if you can't understand them.


“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi


When you feel angry, lonely, sad, afraid, you are not alone. Most people wear a false mask attempting to fool everyone and even themselves that everything is "fine". The good thing about all that is happening politically, the news, the arguments, the lying, we cannot be in denial any longer.

Will this Insanity drive us to sanity, help awaken us?

Years ago I noticed that I had a sleeping women in my art pieces. Even in this self portrait, I looked asleep. Over and over I painted and sculpted women with the closed eyes.. until one day I had a awareness, a question... "What am I asleep to?" When you ask questions, you get answers. I got mine and it was life altering. 

 My energy at a younger age.

My energy at a younger age.

So, are you asleep as well?

The world craziness is a cause for us to awaken. Our stuff is being exposed. Our angers that we stuffed deeply are bubbling up. If there is anything from the past we haven't dealt with, any way we are being to another person that we don't like, we are seeing it now.

We get to decide, "Do I like being like that? Is that really me? Am I proud of this? What am I really afraid of that is making me so crazy?" That last question.... that is the real one.

Things that we don't like about ourselves are being stirred up in us (unless you are really in denial and still pointing fingers at everyone else and playing the victim which means you really are saying you are powerless, they won and I am afraid OR worse yet, numb to everything going on). We all need to look in the mirror daily. We can no longer make believe everything is ok if we are feeling anything but love.

Art seems to be able to show us the truth. You may not want to hear that. You might be one, like i was, who thought... the world is wrong and I am right. We all love being right. We are all right. We each have a perspective and from our own perspective, things seem right. Only thing is, our own perspective is very small.

Art is always a self portrait, you can't lie to yourself when creating art after asking questions you want answers to. The answers show up loud and clear. Well, until we are ready to see them, they may not be so clear, however, the clues are there. We only see what we are ready to see.

When you use the art as your teacher, you can find your way back to the light of day, evolving into a stronger, more loving and wiser self. I know how to teach others to do this because I have been utilizing art in this manner since 2002.

One night before sleeping, I asked

"What can I teach my students (at the college) about art that would profoundly change their lives?"

I got the answer in a dream. The answer is what I teach in a Soul Vision workshop.

When you want to embrace a shift in your life, your business, your relationships, your finances, whatever, you are welcome to join us. Only the brave need to show up.  By brave, I mean someone who is willing to see their blind spots on paper and willing to shift them. It is eye opening. We don't dwell, we just expose and move on to shifting them. 

We simply play with art to create a vision board of what a life would look like that is inspiring to you. Inspiration brings passion and fuel for moving forward. You first need to see what your beliefs are to know how to not keep going through the same things. You don't even know yet what those beliefs are that keep you stuck. Do you know exactly what can make you feel fulfilled? Only your soul does. We invite your soul and spirit to show up and play in the form of art.

Here is a photo of me from 2008 and again in 2012 before I met my husband Mark. People asked me what my secret was. They said I looked ten years younger. My secret... finding out what my soul's purpose is and clearing the blocks that made me afraid 95% of the time.  I was on a soul searching journey.  The vision boards taught me who I was.  I got to discover things that helped me stay on track and they can do that for you as well.

Can you see the difference of energy in the photos of me? The first is hesitant.  Photos don't lie either. 


 Last time I offered a Soul Vision Class someone who did this in Italy with me flew down to Sarasota from NY just for the day to experience it again and create another vision for a different part of her life. She then left that evening with a vision to assist her on her journey. Last I heard, she accomplished her mission. Discover why a neighbor keeps coming back. She is already an artist but finds being in the group so rewarding. Others see what we miss. We help each other. We are growing together. 

 This is powerful. And I don't charge thousands like others do (yet).  I am offering two days for the price of one because I believe when one is doing spiritual work, it is better to give than receive. My gift to you is day one, the more spiritual part. Your gift to me is payment for day two when I give you art lessons to help you create a better vision artistically. That is what the shamans call ayni. Giving and receiving. We must have both to live a balanced life.

Taking reservations now for Jan. 13 & 14, 2019. A few seats left.

Be the first to see what came through when I asked about the meanings of the colors of the rainbow. The words flowed from my hand onto paper and was very informative. When you keep doing this work, your creativity channel opens wide. I'll have you do a similar exercise. 

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