When heading to a new town to paint it can be daunting.  There are so many decisions.

Where do I go? What do I paint? Where do I park?  Parking was out of the question in the place I wanted to paint.   There was a free parking lot in a parking garage but so far away from where I hoped to paint.  By the time I got out of the car in the garage, I was exhausted . That morning I got starting by 6:30 so that I could scout a bit before having the canvases stamped. Stamping proved that you worked during the time allowed for judging. In this case it was 8am - 3pm. We were allowed to turn in two paintings.  I didn't take the time to eat lunch or even drink much because then, well, you know what happens when you put alot of liquid in your body, and that is an issue when paintng alone because you can't walk away from your set up to find a facility. 

     I finished the morning painting, drove around a bit to find a second location and then headed to the garage where I knew I could park. When I reached the higher floors of the parking garage, I got out and noticed I was parked exactly above the street I saw the night before that appeared interesting but not enough to paint it until I had a higher perspective of it. I loved the colors on the back of the Hyatt Hotel and the tree way off in the distance. The shadows were perfect in the afternoon. With very little time left to turn in my work for the day it made sense to work small and quickly. Could I do it? I sure hoped so. 

     After setting up I began blocking in the shadow patterns. Yes, I am loving this. Every once in a blue moon the muse just seems to be with me. Every stroke was effortless and enjoyable. I was having so much fun until it started getting really cold from the wind. That was easily solved since I had a hooded sweatshirt with me so I put it on and continued.  I have only begun doing cityscapes since I've always lived in the country but I am loving doing them. The more colorful the buildings, the better. 

     There were many great pieces being turned in and I had to have help putting a hook on the piece. By the time I finished, I was running on empty and needed to eat and drink. It gives new meaning to the saying "Starving Artist". For me, it just means I need to take the time to EAT.  However, had I taken the time that day, this piece would not have been created. 

Inspiration for the winning piece

Bird's Eye View  7" x 5" Oil  - SOLD