Unleash your Creativity with Linda Richichi  (not just for artists)

  While it takes great skill to create fine works of art, anyone can draw intuitively.

  Do you ever wonder why you doodle?  Do the lines have meaning?

Have you ever thought about why you are attracted to certain designs and not others?

Do you like squares, triangles, or circles? Each shape, each line has significant meaning 
for you only you probably never gave it any thought.

  After a dream Linda Richichi was shown how to use
art to access your innate wisdom to reveal to you valuable information.
When you can bypass the thinking mind and learn to access the creative mind,

this helps you to see from a new perspective. 

 Linda calls this Soul Vision and uses the language of art to teach you how can reveal
information about yourself that you are not conscious of.  Using simple lines and shapes and collage 
(cutting and pasting images from a magazine) you can discover what your

creative mind, your inner wisdom has to offer you that will help your journey in life. 

    What would life look like, feel like and be like if you allowed the empowered
you to come forth and take charge?  Take a workshop with Linda and begin to awaken to the real YOU.
Get past what keeps you from living our purpose and passion in a fun way. 

     Linda Richichi was voted the national “Best Intuitive Artist” and

received the Readers Choice award by About.com in 2012.

She was awarded a “Best of Show” at a worldwide paintout in Canada

and takes artists and people on destination retreats. Find out more- click here.


  "I don't think I have the words to explain how wonderful this was for me. 
I wanted to find Tina, because she got buried under stress, negativity, and stories. 
I found her and I've been loving her ever since! I also learned how to deal with life, 
and it helps tremendously! -The best part is all the beautiful ladies I met on this journey 
and now we are friends! We all experienced heaven on earth, and it was life changing!!!!
Everyone should experience this and the whole world would be a better place." 
 - Tina Grover

“Linda creates these one-of-a-kind works by channeling from your spirit
and translating it to a drawing or painting. She did one for me and
it was breathtaking. It honestly changed something in how I was living my life.
The Soul Portrait featured, over and over, my own little family of three,
flying. Days and days later, faced with people pleasing someone in my life

for the millionth time, I realized that I have to “fly” in my own circle now. 

 I LOVE this woman’s work.
- Mary Agnes Vetell Antanopolous, Social Media Expert 

         Intuitive Series