Oil/ Acrylic Painting Supply List(at home or outdoors)

 An easel : choose either a standing easel, desktop easel or a portable one if you also want to work outdoors. It is better to work upright than flat since your proportions will be off slightly when looking down on a flat surface.

Portable easel/equipment: Your supplies should fit in a lightweight bag or backpack and be light enough for you to carry (or have on wheels) when working outdoors.

    _ Serious about painting? Easels include:  Open Box M,  Guerilla, EasyL, Strada, SunEden, Coulter, Soltek, etc. are good brands.

                  I have the OpenBox M (12” x 16”), Easy L (11” x 14”) and Guerilla (8” x 10”). My favorite is the Easy L. If you will be painting outside often then the investment is worth it. The 11” x 14” is what I use the most although when traveling, I take the smaller.


    _Beginners? Easels include: Any of the above. On a budget?

                  Cheapest and Lightest Option for beginners- a tripod like easel that holds your canvas.  You will have to  hold on to your palette while painting or have a stool.
                   342 Lightweight Easel with stone bag  see at this site:  $29.99      


                  Traditional French Easels like the ones that Monet and Renoir used. 

                 http://www.in2art.com/store/product/51296/Art-Alternatives-Sonoma-Sketch-Box-Easel/   $115.

                       Also contains the box to hold your paints and your wooden palette. Folds up and ready to carry.

                       This was like my first plein air easel. 

 Mixing palette – wooden or gray toned paper- 11” x 14” approx.  
                               (I do not use white, disposable palette pages although the gray paper works well!)  I like a
                     wooden palette or glass (in the studio) that I clean off well after use. If using acrylic, you can use the

                     stay wet palette to store paints. It has a cover to keep paint wet.  I prefer slow dyring acrylic.

_ Paint:
       You may bring any color palette you are comfortable with using. I use the basic palette listed below.
Using fewer tubes is less to carry and provides good color mixtures. Gamblin Artists Colors are my favorite oils and Golden Open Acrylics are a favorite acrylic because they stay wet longer than regular acrylics and the colors are most like oil paints.   I do use other oils too. Lately I've added Wiliamsburg and Old Holland (not for student work)., 

Just starting?   Use student grade paints for oils like Winton. 

                            When you begin to sell paintings, you’ll want to use better paints.


Oils.  Limited palette.
Cadmium Yellow Light
Cadmium Red
Ultramarine Blue
Paynes Gray (or mix Cobalt Blue, Black and touch of white)
Titanium White
Gamblin Solvent Free Gel (if working in oil)

 Similar colors as oil.
 Golden Open Acrylic Gel Gloss (if working in acrylic)

ADDED Colors (—NOT required for class)

These additional colors can be added. . You do NOT need to buy any of these colors. I am asked what else I use so here is that list.

Cad Yellow Medium
Cad Orange Deep
Quinacridone Violet
Chromatic Black (optional if not using the Paynes Gray)
Radiant Turquoise (on occasion)
Radiant Blue (great for the sky)
Radiant Red (great for pink buildings)


Use good brushes and not old worn out brushes.  I use a variety of synthetic, bristle, flats (favorite) and rounds (smaller brushes) to achieve different shapes and edges.   The better the brushes the easier it is.  

Rosemary Brushes- flats are my favorite. Make sure you have some larger brushes #12, 10, 8, 6, 2

Several styles of palette knives for mixing or painting with.

Canvas Panels:

Canvas panels (not stretched canvases) are easier when painting en plein air. You can use either canvas or panels when at home.  

8x10, 9x12 and  11x14 panels are great for outdoors, depending on your easel, how fast you paint and your level.  There are many good sources for panels in linen (professionals) and in cotton (student grade) types. Student grade is ok for beginners.

SunEden Artist’s Gear Wet canvas carriers (for traveling)
Plein Air umbrella (optional if outdoors)
Small sketchpad and pencil or even better
ViewCatcher (gray plastic crop/view finder tool) available at most art store
Baby oil for cleaning oil brushes.  Soap and water for acrylic.
Gamblin Solvent Free Gel (for oil painting makes the paint dry more rapidly for ease in packing)

Not allowed for travel: Gamsol Artists’ Grade Odorless Mineral Spirits are NOT allowed if TRAVELING BY PLANE or cruiseship. DO NOT PACK AND BRING. IT IS ILLEGAL TO BRING OMS ON FLIGHTS. 

Do not use contractor-grade OMS that is available at hardware stores. It is not good for you, people around you, or your paints!
Paper towels and trash bags


Be comfortable outdoors:

Dress in layers, or bring a change of clothes, and adjust as the weather changes
Wear neutral-colored top or jacket to avoid reflections on your canvas
Hat or a visor

Bug spray 
Comfortable shoes
Bring plenty of bottled water