One day Color & Energy Workshop

Whether you are brand new or have been painting for years everyone can learn something new when it comes to working with color. Color is the number one way to evoke emotion in a work of art. How can you express yourself more successfully with color and create art with high energy? Come find out.

June 22, 2018

9:30 am – 4:30 pm

$150 (includes samples from sponsors of Richichi workshops).


Start with the color wheel 

Before arriving at the class, be familiar with the layout of the basic color wheel seen at the bottom of the page. If you have never made a color wheel, you'll have your chance to select this exercise to tackle.  If you already know the color wheel inside and out, your assignments will be more advanced. Everyone will learn something new in this workshop.

Color intimidates many people. We'll break it down and make it less daunting. 

What colors are you drawn to? How do you mix colors to get them to do what you want them to do? How do you work with prismatic, pure colors and create neutrals so that the colors you want to stand out sing? What about creating a high energy  work of art? Do you know how to not go over the top? There is so much about color to learn. You will take a journey into color theory and come out the other side smiling as your color confidence grows. 

Learn from nature

After we work in the studio blending, mixing and selecting color schemes, you will venture outside to create a fast color study by looking for the colors that speak to you. From there you will come back in the studio and turn this into a small work of art that captures your personal color preferences.  You'll receive templates if you are a beginner to work with. 



Mini Lessons reap huge rewards

Each mini lesson is specifically prepared to upgrade your color knowledge so you drive away understanding color challenges better than ever. You will receive specific assignments based on your level of experience. You will receive instruction tailored for your specific needs. Mixing? Seeing color? Creating harmony? Understanding warm and cool colors? After instruction, select the assignment right for you. You know what you need more help with.      

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What supplies do you need? 

I use the basic palette listed below and recommend primary colors for this workshop.

Brand new to art? If you don't have any supplies ... I suggest a small kit of Goauche Paint and a couple good quality paintbrushes. I will provide the boards to paint on for everyone. Bring a couple paper plates, paper towels and a. jar with a lid.     Contact me if you are brand new and want me to bring you a set of Goauche and brushes to purchase. Goauche is perfect to learn about color with and is more forgiving than other mediums.

Oil and Acrylic painters:

Gamblin Artists Colors are my favorite oils and now offer the 1980 line which is more affordable but you can bring what you have.  Golden Open Acrylics are a favorite acrylic because they stay wet longer than regular acrylics and the colors are most like oil paints.  On a real budget? Jack Richeson has a Basic Signature Oil Set of 6 (one of each primary, white, black and pthalo green).
Oils or Slow Drying Acrylics.  Limited palette.  Two of each primary (one warm, one cool)
Cadmium Yellow Light    (or Hansa Yellow)                                                                                                            Indian yellow
Cadmium Red or Napthol Red                                                                                                 Quinacridone Magenta or Permanent Crimson Red    
Ultramarine Blue
Pthalo Blue                                                                                                                                     
Titanium White
Gamblin Solvent Free Gel

Brushes- Long Flats size 2, 4, 6, 8.   (Jack Richeson has a nice line of Grey Matters synthetic brushes.) 

Palette- either gray paper or wooden palette.

Jar to hold medium with a lid. 

Paper towels 

2 palette knives (metal)

White charcoal pencil, regular 2b or 6B pencil, eraser and toned paper (or a brown paper bag and tape)


Pastels? Exciting news.....

Bring all you have or choose my new Signature Set of 80 Linda Richichi Color & Energy Pastels. - link coming soon for purchase on Amazon. 

Want new pastels? Jack Richeson is now making a Signature Collection of Linda Richichi Color & Energy pastels for my workshops.  Happy to advise you on what sets are right for you if you want to buy more colors.  Contact me for more info.

Foundation Layer: Suggestions... half stick semi soft set or semi hard (squared edges) sets.   Jack Richeson offers some nice selections. I hope to have the 80 piece Handmade Soft Pastels with me for you to see and purchase if you like them.

Bring a foam core board at least 11" x 14" and clips. 

I will provide the paper and panel samples to work on. 

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Questions?? Look over and review the color wheel before class. 

Yellow, Red and Blue are the primary colors. From these three all others are made. (except white). We can mix black from these three colors.   Let's have fun mixing and playing with color!

 From Wikipedia

From Wikipedia