Pastel Supply List with Linda Richichi


      _ Canson large sheets mid tone – (not too light and not real dark).

        Gray tones, Aubergine or Sand are my favorites. Available in most art

        stores.  You will see there are two sides. One rougher, one smoother.

      _ Foam core Board  (one or two depending on what size you work in.)       

       - Clips to hold pastel paper     


        Charcoal Sticks – Soft or medium (optional) I use the pastel to draw

•       Paper towels and trash bags



If you are a beginner, the first set I recommend is the Nupastel set. This set is on the harder side, good for laying the foundation down and ok as a nice selection of colors for the beginner. It may be found locally in smaller sets. The more the better. The larger the set, the better although a combination of this in a smaller set and the next set is even better.

 Intermediate level: 

Sennelier also makes fine pastels. 

Opt for half sticks rather than full sticks

as they have a tendency to break and crumble

if you get the regular size sticks and travel with them. 

I recommend the nupastel for the initial layout

and Sennelier’s half sticks that for the top layers

as you become more familiar with working with pastel.

If you opt for both, you are fine with a smaller set of Nupastel.

Foundation Layer:

Prismacolor NuPastel - Set of 36 - Assorted Colors

Finishing Layer

Sennelier Soft Pastel - Set of 80 Half Sticks - Plein Air Landscape Colors

other options:

Sennelier Soft Pastel - Set of 120 Half Sticks - Paris Collection

 Paper of a higher quality:  

Sennelier La Carte Pastel Paper 12-Sheet Pad 9.5x12.5 - (Assorted Colors)

 Uart sanded paper (light yellowish)  

Wallis paper in pads if you can find them locally  (white)

No larger than 9 x 12 (if you buy the 8” x 10” cigar box)


How to make a Drawing Board for pastels- 

  You want a piece of  foam core as the bottom layer and a top piece to sandwich in, cover and protect your pastel paper (and completed works)  with clips works best.   Two pieces slightly larger than the paper size you will work on are then taped on one side and clipped on three sides. 

Put several sheets of paper between the foam core before taping the foam core to hold the paper. Use this as your drawing board. Simply open the top take out several sheets of your paper to work on (the extra adds some cushion) and then close your folder back up.  Clip the paper (with the extra sheets under it and clip on three sides so it doesn’t move).

Cut paper to a standard size 8 “ x 10” , 9” x 12”, 11” x 14” , 16” x 20” or the paper size is 19 ½ x 24 (make it an 18” x 24” instead). What ever size you choose, you will want the foam core to be slightly larger (the exact size on the top and bottom to protect your paper). 

Glassine paper or tracing paper between each sheet will protect your pastels from smudging.


Easel :  If working indoors, a table easel will do. 

If investing in an easel that you can also use outdoors to plein air paint, ask me and I'll email you my favorites or look under the oil painting supplies for ideas.

Any questions, ask me!