Soul Vision workshop includes making a Vision Board and Soul Portrait.

 Working in an intuitive mode discover your heart's desires and possibilities for your life. This is a way to focus in on your dream life, your soul's calling to you, your purpose. What is calling you? What are your deepest desires that you have yet to listen to? Work with the law of attraction to learn how to bring that which you desire to you. Like is attracted to like. We are energy. We all have a vibration that we send out and this attracts to us a similar vibration.  Learn tools to raise your vibration even more.

 After making my first vision board in my early twenties, 15 years later I realized that over 80% had already come true. “ How could this be?” I wondered.

How do they work? When you have a clear picture, you get focused and stop blocking what could be. You assist in helping your dreams to come true rather making excuses or stating.. “I can’t..”. We block our dreams daily by the words we use. Words have power.

 Looking at your board everyday changes your personal energy if properly done.  You first must see where you subconsciously block that which you desire.

What is the belief that keeps a particular dream from being realized?

Why do some people seem so lucky? Luck has nothing to do with it.

We spend part of the first day discovering the blocks you don't even realize you have (in a fun and informative way).  Then you give yourself the time, yes time for you, to create a clear picture of what it would look like for you to already be living your dreams.  Most people will not take the time on their own to do this so we create together in a supportive environment.  Once this is created, it still take practice, it is not magic but a plan and a motion is set forth provided you follow a new path.

Day two- Soul Vision, create an image of yourself using a proven step by step technique and see an empowering version of yourself in a paint or a collage using images cut from a magazine.

You’ll learn the steps to go through that include the colors that depict energy and symbols which lead you to fulfilling your vision. Imagine a journey that fills you with joy?

 You cannot afford to miss this workshop on so many levels. A real treat for yourself.

Early registration price- $127. At the door $250 for BOTH days. This includes supplies. You can bring two favorite magazines and a bagged lunch (or let us know you want to be included to have food delivered).

Register for Jan 12 & 13. (Day two is a bonus day). 

Special- one day free. Must attend both days. $127 when register by Jan. 11 (limited seating). $250 at the door.

 Create life a way that will make you happy!  Soul vision introduction.  Free art kit included. Register today. Bring a friend and have fun together.

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 Some of the participants in a recent Soul Vision class.

Some of the participants in a recent Soul Vision class.