Register for July 21 & 22nd Vision Board workshop at the Early Bird Price $77.  (Day two is a bonus day).

Until May 30th

Sept. 15 & 16th Early bird price ends July 30th

Jan. 12 & 13th  Early bird price ends Nov. 30th

 Working in an intuitive mode to discover your heart's desires and possibilities for your life. This is a way to focus in on your dream life and work with the law of attraction. After making my first board in my early twenties, years later I saw that over 80% had come true. How do they work? When you have a clear picture, you get focused and stop blocking what could be. You assist in helping your dreams to come true.  Seeing your board everyday changes your personal energy.  You first must see where you block that which you desire. What is your belief that keeps it from you? We spend day one on discovering the blocks you don't realize you even have.  Take time to help you get a clear picture.

Regular price after May 30th or at the door $127.00.   It includes supplies. You can bring two favorite magazines and a bagged lunch (or go to a local restaurant for lunch).  

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