Congratulations for being curious. Curiousity is good.  

My adventure started one night from a dream of being in Peru. I didn't know it was Peru but I was high on this stepped mountain something profound happened in the dream.

When I woke up,  I asked myself.. "Why did I have this dream, what was that really about?" 

A few weeks later, I saw a photo of Machu Pichu, Peru.

 My immediate thought was "That is where I was in my dream!

How did I know this place so well when I have never 

ever been there? How could I see something I did not know?"

I had to find someone from Peru who could answer

some questions for me.

I ended up studying for almost three years the secrets

that shamans (wisdom keepers)

have kept hidden for generations.  

My world shifted, got bigger, better and as I got more empowered.

My art got better.

So, here is the first and simplest of the powerful secrets

that started helping me

express what I felt in nature into my art. 


The trees, the water, the flowers, us - everything.

There are some exercises that we did to feel energy that I can do with you in person.

For now, know that energy can actually be felt which then allows you to work with the energy.

One example you may already have experienced that confirms this idea is.. 

When you walk into a room right after someone has had a fight,  can't you feel a negative vibe in the room?  Even without words, you feel it and perhaps want to leave.

Emotion is energy in motion. 

Energy is given off by people who are in an emotional state.

Energy is unseen yet it can be felt. 

We all have heard the statement about some angry person, "You could see the smoke coming from their head". 

People read our energy unconsciously when we meet them.  We feel those bad vibes and good vibes.

Energy is everywhere. 

So, once I knew that there was this energy in nature,

energy in emotions, energy in everything,

I began to make sense of why I felt things that others

around me did not.  Women have a natural

intuitive sense that has been discredited for years

that is now being paid attention to. To be validated is

a powerful healer.

Energy and sound is in color.

You feel energy from color. You can feel a lift when

grabbing a favorite color out of your closet, right?

Paintings communicate in a subtle way

(or not so subtle) way depending on the

colors used.  Artists also communicate

by the way line, shape, form, etc. are used. 

Many artists know this.  


Artists use color to transfer

emotion to the canvas.                            

The viewers pick up on that emotion

and feel a certain way. 

The viewers are also picking up on more subtle energetic vibes.  What do you feel when you look at the

painting of my car in the image above?  You probably feel how high my energy was that day, yes?

You may even experience a shift in the way you feel when looking at paintings created in this manner. 

You may look for different things that you want a painting to fulfill.  Whether you like to see technical expertise, emotion, color, a story, a memory portrayed, etc. we all have a bias or a preference.  Hey, but wait.  How often do you see a painting that just calls to you. It baffles you. You may not know why you like it.  You can't stop thinking about it!   You have no idea why because it is unlike

anything else you normally admire but something grabs you and you have no idea why.

There is much about art that most people aren't aware of.

 I was never taught things I discovered in college or in the myriad of art studios I studied in.

Communication is going on in a more subtle way. The muse has a way to speak to us only we

are not paying attention, we haven't a clue.  Michaelangelo most definitely understood. 

The energy of nature.

I learned that when in nature, we can tune into the energy of nature. We are no tuning in to just what we see.

 A photo will give you some of the necessary details to paint a painting but you will literally feel better when you are in nature creating. You destress when painting outdoors or walking down a mountain path or in a field. That is why plein air painting has taken off. We all need a healing. We all are too much in our minds and being in nature takes us to a different place. We are able to connect to our hearts. We tune in to the oneness of all.

Beginners are sometimes lost in their mind trying to figure out the "how to's" of creating a successful work of art. If they can allow their intuitive mind to also come to play, things often head in a wonderful direction. Marry knowledge and intuition and the results are even better. Intuition alone helps anyone who wants to take up art to capture their feelings on canvas.  There are many intutivie artists who create colorful works of art however, with a few lessons, their work could be even more powerful. Intuition alone isn't always enough. Refinement helps when communicating through art and that comes with practice. 

 I work with students to better create what they see by learning the necessary skills to capture energy in their art along with sharing ways to access their intuition so they can work with their own muse on a regular basis. The muse is that inner voice that speaks to us, moves and directs us. The muse is not simply a form of inspiration. It can be more than that.

Shamans teach us how to move the energy in our own body so we can move from the head to the heart. This information is so valuable not only in painting but in life.  

Our intuition helps us move beyond simply capturing the "eye candy", what we are visually attracted to, to what our heart connects to.  Once an artist is tuned in, and stays tuned in, nature's healing energy will actually show up in the artwork.  The magic happens when you connect to the energy  of nature and you are able to stay connected. The magic also happens when you have absolutely no doubt going on in your mind.  When I am too much in my head, the work may be technically executed well but the magic is missing.  When in the zone, magic is occuring and I hope, for me, that I won't be disturbed so that the connection will remain until the painting is completed. One of the ways for this to happen for me is by staying in silence. 

There are pieces in my collections that capture the energy extremely well and some that have it slightly and some not at all.  It depends on how well I tuned in.  Artists or collectors, can you tell when an artist nailed it and when they didn't?

Can't you feel it all over your being?

I've just learned how to tune in even better. It feels so good. Rather than waiting for the muse to come to me,  waiting for that connection, there is something I now do to connect that I can walk you through when we are together. I would love to share this with all who join me in one of my workshops or on a cruise Feb. 2017. 

You don't have to be a painter to cruise with us.

Come along and watch the process. I do have classes for non-artists so you learn to play and connect to the muse. 

Energy connects us all. 

We are all connected by energy. 

That saying, "WE ARE ONE.". Yup, true.

We are all connected and therefore, those who are sensitive can feel

(unless there is a block in that area of the body)

what others feel. Empaths (people who are particularly

sensitive to the feelings of others) feel

the pain of others very strongly.  

If you are an empath,

learning to protect yourself from the energy of others is


If you have a hard time feeling, you may be more

active in  your head, thinking more. You probably like paintings that are very detailed

or conceptual, yes? Those of us who feel strongly often like paintings that stir up emotion.

Should you want to learn to feel more, there are exercises to move you to this place

where you can better connect to the energy and allow it to show in your work. 

Lessons on color also help you understand how to communicate what you feel better. 

An experience with synesthesia (hearing and seeing color pop)

assisted me in knowing how to express the color of nature onto the canvas to keep a 

similar vibe.  I aim to bring the outdoors inside through my work. What do you aim for? 

We are all energy and we are all connected.  

More lessons on the ship or online. Join in! 

You can take classes online to learn

the foundation of creating art.

Register online here today,


Float Away in February

with me.

There are onlines classes you can

have access to from myself and the shaman who trained me for an 

unique experience in understanding energy. 

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Looking Deeper, 7" x 5", Pastel