Soul Vision Workshop

(no art experience necessary)

August , 2019  (6:30 - 9:30pm) (Exact date to be announced)

What is Soul Vision? What is a vision board?

The Soul Vision workshop was developed after years of experience with a tremendous amount of success. It gives participants a depiction of inspiring imagery that is a result of what happens when negative beliefs about oneself are shifted into a different more inspiring perspective.

A normal vision board is a poster that contains images cut from a magazine that represent your dreams that you want to come true. We do things a bit differently. We will first clear energy that blocks you. You learn to feel the energy and then take steps to shift it.

 According to a very popular book called The Secret, it is : “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.” 


Read the article in the NY Times which includes the Soul Vision workshop.

Our thoughts often become our reality. We can learn to upgrade the way we think about ourselves. Feed your brain inspiring imagery and guess what? You start to have different results in your life. Gently move out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you want to travel the world? If you are an artist, would losing the starving artist mentality assist you? If you don’t feel you are creative, might you want to lose that idea about yourself because everyone is creative. Use your imagination to take you to new heights that follow your life’s mission and adds more joy to your life.  

Artist Vicki Chelf was invited to participate in this workshop so you can see exactly what she did in one of the workshops that helped her make a quick shift in one area of her life. Listen to the testimonial by Vicki who took the class in Sept. and then Register below for March 28th class from 6:30 - 9:30 pm in Sarasota, FL.

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Do vision boards work?  

Over 35 years ago I made my first vision board thinking it was a waste of time. I was in sales and the company founder told us to. I noticed 15 years after that first one, over 80% of the images of my dreams posted came true.  Since then I’ve taught others some of the ways I’ve learned to make them even more powerful than the typical dream board.

Here is what two recent participants had to say… “I used to believe that vision board workshops were new age nonsense, but when a few people I respect told me how well the vision boards works to manifest what one desires I decided to give Linda’s Soul Vision workshop a try. Almost immediately I started receiving more gifts than I could have ever imagined. The theme of my vision was to open to receive & I have received everything from a nice car to a precious ring. “ - Vicki Chelf

“Linda creates a safe inviting place in the Soul Vision workshop to allow participants to explore inward. Her process takes you places you may not have expected but you surely needed. My time was rewarded with clearness and intention. - Kathleen McHugh

 Can I make a vision board?

Yes, and it is fun and anyone can do this. Who doesn't want to have a dream  come true? Isn’t it time to shift past some of the old worn out beliefs about ourselves we hold on to?  With guidance I'll walk you through the process that Oprah, Ellen and many other stars and business people did and do to create a clearer picture of what they wanted to bring into their life in order to help themselves live their calling. You'll learn how to collage (cut and paste images from magazines) and get in touch with your creativity. Everyone is creative. Artists, you need this too. Expand past your belief of what is possible in your life and let go of the starving artist mentality. Learn to draw in abundance.

Join us March 28th from 6:30 pm - 9:30pm. Register below. Limited seating.

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Explore the world of the imagination. Using imagery from magazines, open the door to new possibilities for your journey in life. Access intuitive information.

Explore the world of the imagination. Using imagery from magazines, open the door to new possibilities for your journey in life. Access intuitive information.

Explore the energy that colors hold.

Explore the energy that colors hold.


Save your place now due to limited space.

Call or email Linda at 845 527-1146 for questions

No refund less than 30 days before the event due to limited seating. 

100% refundable 30 days or more before the event or when you have someone come in your place up to the day of the event.


Read more about what another participant said: 

“This was a fantastic weekend- I really cleared out some blocks and feel really excited about getting started on my art! Thanks! - Emily Berno

Dare to discover how amazing you really are.

Dare to discover how amazing you really are.