Workshop Testimonials


“Linda’s teaching style combines right and left brain processes. The perfect balance. She is able to convey ideas clearly and yet is gentle in her feedback. Bravo! - Celeste Pfister

“ Had a terrific time! I came to get my “mojo” back and I feel as if I have achieved that and have a new spot from which to grow.” - Adrienne Markel

“I worked, I learned, I grew!” - Philip Halsey

“Seeing Linda Richichi painting is an exciting experience. She was doing a demo for a workshop and she was mixing a color and I thought “how could that color possibly be used there” and, boom! It made the painting come alive. She shows you how to see the colors inside the colors.” - Frida Bagel

“This workshop was the BEST GIFT I have given to myself. I not only learned I connected with others and explained with others and experienced amazing growth. - Cali Fidopiastis

“This workshop was extremely valuable in adding to the artist’s understanding of why and how to use color and value. Linda is an exceptional instructor- she made it enjoyable and accessible. - Janet Mishner

“Linda builds her student’s confidence as she helps them develop their skills. She provides a nurturing supportive learning environment suitable for beginners as well as advance students of art. - Beverly Smith

“I used to believe that vision board workshops were new age nonsense, but when a few people I respect told me how well the vision boards works to manifest what one desires I decided to give Linda’s Soul Vision workshop a try. Almost immediately I started receiving more gifts than I could have ever imagined. The theme of my vision was to open to receive & I have received everything from a nice car to a precious ring. “ - Vicki Chelf

“Linda creates a safe inviting place in the Soul Vision workshop to allow participants to explore inward. Her process takes you places you may not have expected but you surely needed. My time was rewarded with clearness and intention. - Kathleen McHugh

“Thank you so much for the Soul Portrait workshop last night!  I was enthralled with the whole process of learning more about myself and being creative.  I plan to give my family and friends soul portrait sketches for Christmas and hold a workshop at my house.  I have been trying to think of an activity that we can all do together and this will be really cool:) -Maria Blon, Create Your Wellness

“ Wonderful learning atmosphere, nonjudgmental reassuring, nice combination of experimental and sharing. Learned and enjoyed. Please do more.” -Diana U. from Cornwall, NY

“Loved the new workshop experience- the “preamble” (meditation) supplied me with my image – an awesome experience. The freedom to create without concern….wonderful.”-Adrienne from Circleville, NY

 “Great experience! It opened me up to a side of myself I didn’t know. Wonderful people in the workshop, too.” - Stephanie from Warwick, NY

“Excellent, motivational, fulfilling!”-Elaine H. from Mt. Kisco, NY

“Excellent workshop! The meditation was perfect to get us in the right place. Linda is helpful and an inspiring teacher.”-Mary Carter   from Cos Cob, CT

“What I learned on that Italy trip has totally changed my life. Linda, you have been such an inspiration to me, and I was blessed! ! to be able to learn from 3 incredible artists. Not to mention the trip was just plain FUN! - Maria Iacovino Jone

“I had a very positive experience with Linda’s workshop. The first night was fun and informative. The second day was a good demo. I enjoyed doing the Notan sketches and painting over them with the vellum paper. The last day was a challenge trying to find a subject matter that was simple to paint. In the end I think my painting was pretty good after Linda gave me positive advice and feedback. I also enjoyed all the women in the class and the positive energy. Thanks so much.” - Trish S

“Learned a lot -Glazes, Values, Colors, you name it. Linda is very open and a talented teacher as well. I really enjoyed her focus on positivity and seeing what is right in your paintings.” - Joan Keiser

“This workshop was very informative, learning about color, value, composition and planning the painting. I plan to take her next workshop.” - Gail Patelunas

“Linda brings a special awareness of technique and expression to your learning experience. You come away from the workshop with a greater understanding of how intuitive thinking influences your choice of color and subject matter.” - Maura Casorio

What a wonderful week- Instruction, painting demos with 2 instructors was very helpful”. - Susan Jutras

“What a great experience. There was a nice balance of instruction with the group and free painting time in a beautiful setting.” - Joanne McLaren

Artwork Testimonials

“Linda creates these one-of-a-kind works by channeling from your spirit and translating it to a drawing or painting. She did one for me and it was breathtaking. It honestly changed something in how I was living my life. The Soul Portrait featured, over and over, my own little family of three, flying. Days and days later, faced with people pleasing someone in my life for the millionth time, I realized that I have to “fly” in my own circle now.  I LOVE this woman’s work and can’t wait to see her in Tarrytown at the Awaken Fair on Nov. 19, 2011.” - Mary Agnes Vetell Antanopolous, Social Media Expert

“WOW!!!  Your work is wonderful! I have to come and see it in person. Your colors are so alive and yes, you capture the energy. Just gorgeous!”- Vicki

“I got to your show the day before it opened. It was a show that was quite like a breath of fresh air. I especially was taken with the number 18. It looks very new. I hope you had a good turnout. I tell everyone to stop by and see some fine art!” Cheers and congratulations,
- Linda Nadas (BFA and MFA New York State College of Ceramics and Design, Alfred University, Alfred, New York)

“It has always been my honor and pleasure to know you and your wonderful work so full of atmosphere, breath and a completely fresh approach.” – Warmest wishes from your fellow plein air painter & comrade.
- Garin Baker

 ” Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful and speaks of such inner light.”
- Lisa Cannon

 “Congratulations, quite a variety showing your skill and love for people and nature.”
- Cornelia Seckel, publisher – Art Times

 “Your work is creative and full of love.”
- Sonia

 “Just a quick note to encourage everyone to drop by the Karpeles Mauscript Museum on Broadway & Grand in Newburgh to catch a great exhibit by our own Linda  Richichi. This show is probably the closest thing you can get to a retrospective in Orange County of a talented and versatile artist. I think it is very bold of her to lay bare her creative journey as an artist. It is a rare treat to see an “inside view” of her transition from a highly skilled and acclaimed landscape/portrait painter to her more provocative/spiritual/abstract works. I don’t think many artists can claim such versatility, much less exhibit it in one show! I would love to see more edgy and thought provoking work like this!” Good job Linda!
- xo Shawn Dell Joyce

 “I just wanted to send you one little congratulations and comment that I particularly liked your fine line pencil sketches. You’re GOOD! Nice work and a great show.”
- Bob Breur