"…..the large Hudson River 'scape, with the sky opening with a bit of light, was, for me, breathtakingly
beautiful. It is, by any standard, a masterpiece…and I love it." 
Ray Steiner, editor- Art Times Journal 

“Congratulations, quite a variety showing your skill and love for people and nature.”
- Cornelia Seckel, publisher – Art Times Journal

"Mysterious imagery also figures priminently in the paintings by Richichi, who merges the phantom outline of a vase (female figure) with expressionistic landscapes in strikingly successful synthesis. Richichi regards painting as "a pilgrimage- a journey into the mystery of creation."  - and her vibrant colors laid down with energetic strokes do indeed come across as gestures within sacred context of a spiritual path." 
- Byron Coleman , art critic, Gallery & Studio Magazine, NYC

“I got to your show the day before it opened. It was a show that was
quite like a breath of fresh air. I especially was taken with the number 18. It
looks very new.  I tell every one to stop by and see some fine art!”
Cheers and congratulations, 
​- Linda Nadas (BFA and MFA New York
State College of Ceramics and Design, Alfred University, Alfred, New York

“It has always been my honor and pleasure to know you and your wonderful work so full of atmosphere, breath and a completely fresh approach.”
– Warmest wishes from your fellow plein air painter & comrade.
- Garin Baker

” Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful and speaks of such inner light.”
- Lisa Cannon

WOW!!!  Your work is wonderful! I have to come and see it in
person. Your colors are so alive and yes, you capture the energy. Just gorgeous!  - Vicki 

“Your work is creative and full of love.”
- Sonia N.

Workshop Testimonials 

(Plein air workshop
   & Soul Vision workshop- find your authentic self)

Thanks Linda Richichi!  It really was a dream come true for me. Working with you, Deborah Hanlon and each woman that was a part of the group was amazing! I got it! Italy was magnificent on every level. - Dori Warren

The Italy workshop was an amazing 10 days of meeting new friends and sharing a journey of growth and self discovery where we were given the opportunity to "show up" as our authentic selves. Thank you so much Linda Richichi, and Deborah Hanlon ... everyone .. truly memories of a lifetime and the beginning of many new friendships !! - Debra Sheafe

"I don't think I have the words to explain how wonderful this year's Italy trip was for me. I wanted to find Tina, because she got buried under stress, negativity, and stories. I found her and I've been loving her ever since! I also learned how to deal with life, and it helps tremendously! -The best part is all the beautiful ladies I met on this journey and now we are friends! We all experienced heaven on earth, and it was life changing!!!! Everyone should experience this and the whole world would be a better place.z" - Tina Grover  
Read more about this beautiful Reiki Master

I just wanted to thank you again for your efforts in putting a great cruise  together. The perfect blend of people, topics, teachers and experiences totally surrounded by Mother Nature to rock you to sleep. Kudos to Mark too. Great team. 
I am looking forward to processing and painting over the next few days in Orlando. Thanks for your helpful tips. I can't wait to practice. 
Carole from NY

Wonderful learning atmosphere, nonjudgemental, reassuring, nice
combination of experimental and sharing. Learned and enjoyed. Please do more.
Diana U. from Cornwall, NY

 I genuinely enjoyed the class this semester and your insight. It has awakened an appreciation for things that has been long dormant. I can truly say that no other class I have taken has given me an opportunity to spend more time with my children. It has been a great joy to sit down to work on my homework and watch my children gather around and start to make their own artwork.  I just wanted to let you know you made a difference and are appreciated by me and my family. Have a great break.

This was a amazing Art class I learned so much from you .
Thanks so much you are a wonderful artist and I appreciate the energy you shared with us in each class  I pray you are blessed and the world gives you back 10x what u deserve.