Plein Air Painting in Sarasota, FL


            Paint on Location 

                Oil or Pastel                                  

 Monday mornings in Sarasota, FL 

Register at at A&F in Sarasota* 

 9:30 am - 9:45 am lesson on location

 9:45 am - 12pm painting plein air.

Beginners to advanced welcome. 
$30 each session

​Register at Art & Frame in Sarasota (click here) 
Contact for questions.

What can you expect to learn?

* Improve your compositions

* Be a better judge of value

* Expand color confidence

* Understand atmospheric perspective

​* Add energy to your work

Classically trained and intuitively inspired.

An experience with synesthesia (hearing color) heightened Linda's sensibility to color and transformed the way she teaches her students how to see, feel and use color. 

Registration information here. 

In 2018, join the limited of number to stay in a private chateua in the Burgandy region and paint the landscape, tour with the owners of the property and enjoy fine dining.   Contact Linda at :

Please contact the artist for more information about her workshops.