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A Creative Day - Advanced Vision Board Class

March 10th.  Join a Vision Board Workshop with a master at this with 35 years of experience. This class is combined with the SOUL VISION  class that Linda has taught in NY for many years. Do you know what a Vision Board is?  It is a way to manifest your dream life. After making my first board in my early twenties, years later I saw that over 80% had come true. How do they work? When you have a clear picture, you get turned on and tuned in and dreams do come true.  Seeing your board everyday changes your energy.  

Learn the step by step process in this all day workshop. This is not an ordinary Vision Board workshop.

Special bonus.. Learn to Bust Your Negative Money Beliefs to welcome abundance.   Limited to first 12 people in my new larger studio.. a result of my vision board!!!  

WE create our future so make your dreams good ones.  Take this time for you to create a year better than the last. See a vision from your Soul's point of view.